What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. It involves investigations into the biological workings of the nervous system and how its activity produces thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

It is made up of the ‘neuro’ part of fields like:

  • Anatomy, giving rise to Neuroanatomy – study of the structure of the nervous system
  • Physiology, giving rise to Neurophysiology – study of the function of the nervous system
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence giving rise to the fields of Neural Networks – using artifical neural networks, modelled on biological neural networks, to process data
  • Computational Modelling, giving rise to Computational Neuroscience – the modelling of biological neural systems
  • Psychology – study of mind using the study of behaviour gives rise to Neuropsychology – the study of neurobiology relating to specific psychological processes and behaviour
  • Medicine giving rise to Neurology – branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system
  • Zoology focusing on the nervous system enables comparison of animals nervous systems
  • Linguistics, giving rise to Neurolinguistics – studying how neural mechanisms enable comprehension, production and acquisition of language
  • Pharmacology, giving rise to Neuropharmacology – study of how drugs affect nervous system functioning at the cellular level
  • Molecular Biology, giving rise to Molecular Neuroscience – study of biochemistry and genetics related to the nervous system
  • Genetics, giving rise to Neurogenetics – study of genetics related to the development and function of the nervous system

That’s a large number of exciting interdisciplinary fields. This means, there’s a great chance, one can bridge one’s love for neuroscience, with another special area of interest.

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